Gaming Mouse Pad


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Gaming Mouse Pad

Brand: Razer

Model:  Razer Strider

Color: Classic Black

Material: Polyester


  1. Smooth Gliding Surface: Unlike traditional fabric mats, the Razer Strider boasts a smooth, even glide similar to a hard surface. This allows for agile movement and precise control during intense gaming sessions.
  2. Anti-Slip Base: At 3mm thickness, the mat cushions your wrists, reducing fatigue during extended gaming marathons. Its grippy underside, reinforced with a grooved pattern, firmly anchors it to your desk.
  3. Rollable and Portable: The Razer Strider can be conveniently rolled up for storage, yet it remains perfectly flat when laid out. Its thickness prevents warping, ensuring consistent performance.
  4. Durable Stitched Edges: The Razer Strider features protective stitching along its edges, preventing fraying even with intense use or travel.
  5. Water-Resistant Surface: Spills are no match for the Razer Strider. Its surface repels liquids, making routine cleaning a breeze with a quick wipe-down.
  6. Sizes : Length: 450 mm / 17.72″, Width: 400 mm / 15.75″,  Thickness : 3 mm / 0.12″


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