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Bluetooth Headset Smart Glasses

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Bluetooth headset smart glasses

VOICE CONTROL: Hands-free phone calls and answers, easy access to your favorite music stations (Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and more), and the ability to easily speak for directions, the weather, and traffic updates are just a few of the features of this glasses speaker with smart assistant technology.

VOLUME UP AND DOWN BUTTON: This Bluetooth headset smart glasses have a volume up and down button in addition to forward and backward functionality. The battery life of the glasses can last for up to 10 hours.

OPEN-EAR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: You may listen to your favorite music and everything around you with Bluetooth glasses that have an open-ear speaker system. When making calls, the HD microphone provides high-quality sound.

ULTRA SLIM UNISEX DESIGN: The thickness of the mobile phone, its flexible material frame, and its weight are all comparable to that of a pair of glasses. Unique American Design, Tidy, Unisex, and Extremely Comfy to Wear While Unwinding and Working Out

SECURITY GLASSES: Blue light-blocking computer reading and gaming lenses. Impact-resistant devices for protecting the face and eyes. Anti-smudgy, anti-scratch, and anti-eye strain

Brand: Xiaomi


  • Wireless Bluetooth sunglasses with an open ear speaker and volume up and down buttons
  • Sound or music emanates from both arms; earphones are used as needed.
  • Bluetooth High-end Chipset, Version 5.0
  • FDA Audited; 100% UV Protection Polarized Lens; US Safety Lens Standard ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 Impact Resistant for Eye and Face Protection Devices
  • Sports Bluetooth sunglasses that are sweatproof (do not submerge in water or use for swimming)
  • The ideal pairing of sunglasses and Bluetooth headphones; Send Range: 30 Feet
  • Integrated microphone; voice control for the smart assistant,
  • Using Your Phone List to Place Voice Calls
  • Speak to play music from your favorite app stations; Speak for directions, weather, or traffic updates: Spotify and Pandora
  • Headwear with Bluetooth that works with all Android and iOS devices; Bluetooth Protocol: Hands-free A2DP, BLE, SPP, Headset
  • Ten hours or more of music listening using an open-ear speaker; five hours for USB cable charging
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 40°C; Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • This Bluetooth headset smart glasses comes with stunning look


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